Song Cycle

One Art 


Small hours of the night

Forgive me

song cycle

a new work by Ann Marie Boyle

in four movements

exploring love, loss and other mysteries

notes and credits

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Song Cycle

One Art: words poem One Art by Elizabeth Bishop used with permission of Farrar, Straus & Giroux, LLC. All rights reserved, music Ann Marie Boyle. 

Secret: words from a quote by Alan Chadwick, music Ann Marie Boyle. 

Small Hours of the NIght: words poem by Roque Dalton permission pending, music Ann Marie Boyle 

Forgive Me: words and music Ann Marie Boyle 



Ann Marie Boyle Vocals and keyboard  

Jeff Moehle Drums/percussion, keyboard, guitar and bass 

Jeff Moehle Producer and Recording engineer Quarterpoint Studio 

Martin Klemm Mixing engineer Kalamazoo Recording Company 

Greg Calbi Mastering engineer Sterling Sound